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Our site teams have been busy cleaning and de-silting some problematic culverts and watercourses in Hemington, Leicestershire, with approximately 500 tonnes to be removed.

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Keeping Things Green

IDS are working to become a greener company. With the new edition of electric company vehicles and solar panels on our vans we are helping to lower our carbon footprint.

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The Clearing of a Heavily Silted Culvert

Our CCTV and HPWJ teams worked hard to clear a heavily silted culvert in Gotham, Nottinghamshire, helping to relieve pressure on the local drainage system and to assist in minimising the risk of flooding in the future. The images below show a clear before and after of the removal of the silt so now water can flow freely.


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Completion of Works on the River Leen

Works were completed on the River Leen, after our site team removed over 130 tonnes of solid waste from the twin siphonic culverts pictured below. The size of the culverts required both man entry and rescue teams to ensure that the works were completed efficiently and safely. These works included the safe relocation of fish within the culvert prior to the works commencing. The completed works will greatly reduce the flooding risk of this critical water course.

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Sonar Survey Works

IDS Ltd carried out a sonar survey on two 3m x 3m symphonic culverts under the River Leen, Notts. The sonar survey identified levels of silt in excess of 40% full. Post the survey works IDS were  selected as preferred contactor to safely clean the twin culverts. More to follow…

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Our Specially Trained Confined Space Entry Team!

Intelligent Drainage Solutions Ltd were successfully awarded  a large scheme for East Riding Council. The works covered CCTV Surveys of highway drainage and various heavily silted culvert sections. Our specially trained confined space entry teams were sent in to assist in the removal of the high volume of silt, whilst damming of and managing water flows.East Riding Council

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A Cured Problematic Culvert

Bulcote Culvert with SedimatsOur site teams in Bulcote Nottinghamshire, successfully restoring the hydraulic capacity of a problematic culvert which has been the source of flooding for years. Due to working in a watercourse we used sedimats to reduce any environmental impact.

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Intelligent Drainage Services roll out new website

Due to continuing growth and modernisation it was necessary to move to a new format of web site. Now fully compatible with all forms of device, whether desk based or mobile, the new site will act as a central hub for not only informing potential clients of our services but also for accessing news, social media and relevant updates to our policies and strategies.