What is HPWJ?

High Pressure Water Jetting (or HPWJ for short) or commercial drain jetting is essentially a water jet that has highly compressed and concentrated pressurised water being blasted out of a small nozzle which is used to cut through virtually anything you can think of.

Commercial Drain Jetting

Our High Pressure Water Jetting trucks are equipped with a fully automatic water filtration system. This means that the sewer cleaner automatically and continuously separates water from the sludge to subsequently use the cleaned water to clean the sewer. It’s not just good for the environment. It is also good for the bottom line and the sewer cleaner.

  • Cleaning/clearance of the following wastewater assets:
  • Sewers
  • Drains (surface water or storm)
  • Gulleys
  • Storm Channels
  • Culverts
  • Outfalls
  • Syphons
  • Septic Tanks
  • Root Cutting
  • De-scaling


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  • Large diameter, long distance, remote/off-road cleaning specialists
  • Capable of cleaning pipes in diameters 50 – 4,000mm
  • Maximum jetting hose length 250 metres, but can be extended to 750 metres with use of a remote reel.
  • Jetting volumes from 14 to 130 gpm
  • Waste/debris tank capacities ranging from 350 to 4,000 gallons
  • Deep suction capability; vertical suction of up to 20 metres and horizontal suction of up to 60 metres.
  • Off road, rural access equipment

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IDS Ltd recommend regular drain cleaning to prevent blockages in the future. We offer drain maintenance contracts to commercial and private customers and we suggest cleaning is carried out twice a year to reduce the need for unblocking in an emergency. IDS Ltd will ensure your drains are clean and flowing properly. IDS Ltd are fully qualified and insured to handle any drain cleaning problem.

Diagram of how a recycler lorry operates

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