Localised Structural Repairs (LSRs)

Patch Repairs – This localised repair offers a cost-effective solution to fix individual defects within a drain or sewer.
Ambient Cured Lining – Ambient cured lining consists of the full or partial lining of sewers or drains to cover multiple defects.
Heat Cured Lining – This is like Ambient cured lining; however, Heat Cured Lining is predominantly used for larger diameter pipes or where an increased resistance to chemical attack is required.
Excavation – Excavation is the traditional method of drain repair and replacement and a technique used for new drains, drain replacement, to rectify collapsed drains or to gain access to lining repairs.

Cutting out blockage problems

One of the most common sewer blockage problems that require the deployment of remote controlled cutting technology is root ingress. Tree roots, especially, can cause significant damage to pipes, while blocking water flows.

IDS Ltd have a range of Jetting Nozzles and Root Cutters to effectively remove tree roots.

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