Since 1991, commercial and industrial businesses have a legal responsibility to effectively dispose of fat, oils and grease which can accumulate in the pipework, reduce flow and cause blockage.

This requirement applies in particular to restaurants, hotels, takeaways and all other premises that produce this type of waste product.

IDS Ltd has many years’ experience in waste disposal and drainage. We have partnerships arrangements with a very experienced supply chain in the supply of grease traps, recovery & dosing units, enzymes and filter traps. We can supply, fit and maintain any product we sell. Why not see how IDS Ltd can help you to tackle your grease problems.

Installation & Maintenance

IDS Ltd carry out installation and maintenance of fats, oils and grease management systems across Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire for the following organisations.

  • Health Authority
  • Utility Companies
  • County Council’s
  • Commercial Organisations
  • Restaurants and Eateries

As a registered waste handler, IDS Ltd is well practiced in clearing and cleaning sewage, silt and sludge from any number of waste systems and hard-to-reach places. With our experience, fleet of high powered jet vac units and resourceful teams of people, we’ll make short work of locating, removing and disposing of waste matter. And, it goes without saying that we take care of all the required paperwork on your behalf

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Our expert teams remove grease and other liquid waste from vessels, chambers and manholes using vacuumation. The sewage waste is then taken to a registered disposal site. And, because business owners request to minimise discharge of FOG’s to the utility sewage network, IDS Ltd provides everything in order to become compliant.

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